Barcode Automation, inc.

Barcode Automation, inc. is the leading manufacturer of Barcode Readers and Decals for outside use in automatic identification.

Our system works with proven barcode technology built specifically for outdoor use in the harshest environments. We have been manufacturing our system since 1997 for the access control industry; which has come to know and trust the BAi brand. We rebuilt our popular BA-440 DualBeam Barcode Reader with the same trusted optics but connections, firmware, and decals specifically for the waste and recycling management industries. We are proud to introduce the BA-490 DualBeam Barcode Reader!

What is the benefit?

The BA-490 improves traffic flow and data accuracy at transfer stations, dump sites, chemical plants, and recycling facilities by automatically collecting data so drivers or employees don't need to. In addition to improving data accuracy and efficiency, this also reduces the safety risks associated with drivers having to get out of their cabs and walk across platforms or traffic lanes.

How does it work?

A 4, 6, or 8 digit Barcode Decal is applied to the side of trucks or trailers with access to your facility. The Reader is installed next to a checkpoint (weigh station, entry lane, etc) that the trucks drive past. A dual laser system automatically reads the decal as it passes the reader. This is not a handheld Barcode Reader or require any manpower. Install it next to a checkpoint, and it does the rest! The lasers will accurately identify the Decals while they are traveling 25mph or less at a distance of 12ft.

Once the Decal is identified the Reader transmits the digits along with date and time via serial RS232 or network to your existing computer system. There the digits which make up your Decal can be configured by your IT specialist to designate anything from driver ID, site location, trailer number, material type, or anything else.

BAi Readers are optical devices. As long as the Decal is visible it will be identified. The system doesn't rely on problematic radio waves, nor does it produce any interference. It is safe and reliable around heavy metals, radio towers, remote controlled devices, and other electronics with no potential interference.

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